gail dean kolesar CPA LLC

Other Services Provided

Litigation Support:

The firm of Gail Dean Kolesar, CPA provides litigation support services for clients, assisting their attorneys or the court as a consultant or expert witness to resolve existing or pending litigation matters. Accounting and auditing techniques are used to analyze and compile information to assist in the calculation and documentation of real or potential economic loss or damage.

New Business Startup:

Gail Dean Kolesar, CPA has helped many new businesses get started by offering advisory services related to business entity and accounting system selection that will best meet their current and future needs. Gail recommends the preparation of a business plan that encompasses the operational, marketing and financial goals for the first 36 months of the business, not only for acquiring a business loan but as an essential management tool.

Quick Books:

The firm specializes in the Quickbooks Accounting Program which is the number one small-business management software. It provides inventory and finance tracking, payroll management, invoice and bill payment processing, budget creation and much more!

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